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Organizer: VAA textile gallery ARTIFEX

Exhibition BODY AND SOUL. Yesterday and today + SATELLITE

The exhibition was conceived more than a year ago, having realised the importance for  students to demonstrate their final projects not only during official evaluations and reviews at the Academy, but also in open exhibition spaces and art galleries. The approved application at the Artifex Gallery with the granted opportunity to organize an exhibition has led to further work. The creation of exhibition works on the topic of 'Body and Soul' was offered to the third-year Textile Department students of Vilnius Academy of Arts and Art Academy of Latvia. We have planned the most exciting moment of this project - the opening of an international exhibition at the Artifex gallery - at the beginning of April with the Latvian 'Gotina' (Latvian candy) and the Lithuanian desert roll from 'Kuršėnai' (a small town in Lithuania). Unfortunately, our plans sometimes fall apart, don’t they? Or maybe disrupted plans bring new opportunities?
With the help of the VAA textile gallery Artifex, it was decided to move the exhibition to a virtual space, with an addition of the most recent trends. 
Body – concreteness, matter, change, action, tool, space of experience, reproductive apparatus, field of medical experiments, prison…
The soul is uncertainty, freedom. Bogdan says there is no soul, only mind. I disagree with that.
Rejecting the theories, I am illustrating the topic with the help of Sandra Ratniece’s poems, which open up new interpretations in the context of a global pandemic and have been the source of a creative inspiration for LDA student Elizabeth Klints.

I am a bat,
who looks at the world upside down,
with my nails cut deeply in the attic, ruined by the worms,
and balancing on the verge of falling.

1. Ausma Graudiņa. Art Academy of Latvia, Textile department
2. Elizabete Klints. Art Academy of Latvia, Textile department
3. Kintija Avena. Art Academy of Latvia, Textile department
4. Emma Rebollo Jiménez. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Art and Design Department.
5. Vytautė Račiūnaitė. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Art and Design Department
6. Simona Pabrėžaitė. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Art and Design Department.
7. Greta Matevičiūtė. Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Art and Design Department. 


Exhibition curator VAA Department of Textiles prof. Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė


Artists always compete with time. Go side by side or try to be one step further. Some of them are lucky. The more relevant is a piece of art, the more valuable it becomes in the long run. Eternal race. Suddenly, this year we all had to pause for a moment and think more than just about ourselves, transform ourselves into a virtual world and try to maintain common sense.  
To further actualize this exhibition, we add the second part of the exhibition ‘+ SATELLITE’. The inspiration for this digital social action is an invitation/manifest of the exhibition curator Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė – ‘MAKE A MASK FOR YOURSELF AND A FRIEND’. Exhibitors were asked to join this process - making a protective mask - and look at this period of time conceptually with understanding and patience (on going)…

Have a nice visit to the exhibition.

Thank you! Hope you had a good time!