“I’m in Miami”

Every day seems to be the same, everything looks gray due to the decrease of stimulation in day-to-day life. In my paintings I seek vibrant colors, surreal compositions and ironic meanings. Recently in my creative process I began to feel more influenced by music, especially by lyrics of electronic and alternative music. The title of this exhibition also comes from lyrics and is ironic and metaphorical. Additionally, in social media I find many pictures that I can turn into ironic storylines for my paintings, although vibrant colors are used to hide sadness and uncertainty.

While creating I repeat the same brush strokes, motifs, figures and portraits. Backgrounds in my paintings are undefined to indicate the feeling of uncertainty. Repetition is used to search for what is real and what is not, even though it might cause a feeling of being lost. But in the end I suppose only the painting is real, everything else I constantly doubt.


Aira Urbonavičiutė    www.airaurbonaviciute.com

Aira Urbonavičiūtė exhibition will take place at the gallery Akademija in Vilnius, Pilies str. 44, from December 10 until December 31.