Rokas Janušonis I Around
2021 06 01 - 30


Work “Around” - it is like an attempt to combine painting and ceramics, the two fields that are close to me. By using simple shapes - cylinder and ball - also a spontaneous, freestyle drawing on them, a common visual composition of objects is created. The work analyses how the painting interacts with shape, how a round screen deforms the drawing, changes the meaning of its narrative. Namely, ceramics is that kind of art, in which experiments and synthesis of all means of expression are possible - colors, lines, shapes, surface textures.

The aggressive, angry, offensive characters depicted in the plots deal with the subtext of the saying - the stick has two ends. The theme - you are your own enemy is illustrated through strange, disturbing stories, whose central axis - the physical or mental aggression of the depicted character “released” to the environment, which eventually returns to its spreader in a boomerang.

The pieces try to shock and “awaken” the viewer, to force him to look at himself from a different perspective, especially in these difficult times of the pandemic, when people are emotionally worn out, attacked daily by directive media reports about various restrictions and absurd conspiracy theories on social media. TV, computer, phone screens are sending out instructions on how you need to live and that way mutilate people’s creativity. With my own drawings on created round screens, I encourage the viewer to see and think differently, not to rely on a single angle of vision, to analyze himself and the environment.

Rokas Janušonis

Exhibition will be open until 30th of June at VAA Outdoor expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.