Rasa Justaitė-Gecevičienė | What's new in our meadow? 

2021 09 01 - 10 04

The genetic code is universal - common to all living organisms on earth and has existed almost unchanged for millions of years. This shows that all life is related by kinship and is of common origin. Genetic engineering - enables us to take genetic information, rearrange it according to our needs and transfer it from one organism to another, despite interspecies differences. In this way, plants, microorganisms or animals acquire new properties that were not characteristic of them before. Using artistic means of expression, modifying and multiplying plants, edible and various functional objects, I created ceramic objects-characters, where plants are intertwined with animals and objects.

Rasa Justaitė-Gecevičienė

About Rasa Justaitė-Gecevičienė

Born in 1970, in Kaunas, Lithuania.
In 1995 graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Ceramics Department.
Since 1995 working at the VAA Ceramics Department.
Since 2016 as Head of Ceramic Department.
Since 2003 the member of the Lithuanian Artists Union.
Since 1994 participating actively in Lithuanian and international symposiums, and exhibitions, arranged 7 solo exhibitions.
Since 2003 member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

Exhibition will be open until 4th of October at VAA Outdoor expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.