Justina Kildašytė I Water
2020 11 25 - 12 21 


The passion for travelling the unknown distant regions, our own Lithuanian woods with its lakes and rivers inspired to create objects which could speak about the most present and one of the most important parts of our planet-water. I have chosen the form of a vessel as an object. Various vessel interpretations are present in the nature such as a lake with its shape holding water still. The objects in the exhibition  resemble the features of rocky and rough levels of our planet and also show gentle and smooth surfaces polished by water. Enabling us to see under the surface, the meaning of water, its value and conservation.

Justina Kildišytė

About Justina Kildišytė

In 2014 Justina Kildisyte graduated from Vilnius Art academy, Ceramics department and attained Bachelor of Arts degree. Since 2010 she has been taking a part in exhibitions and symposiums both local and international. Her artistic creativity is related to the dynamic lifestyle. Passion for travelling, cycling around the Baltic countries or spending a few months in an exotic island observing the environment makes the core of her creation. At the moment working and creating in Vilnius and travelling in Lithuania.

Exhibition will be open until 21st of December at VAA Outdoor expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.