Giedra Petkevičiūtė | White Noise
2021 07 05 - 08 02


In this exhibition I present my works from bone china which are connected by a certain urban theme. White noise is a kind of background sound, a murmur that can be soothing but can also be annoying. In my work I relate it to the environment. So I try to reflect the city I see, the city I remember, and the city that is already lost. To do this I use simple clean forms and add “noise” elements that reflect my personal relationship with it. That noise is graphic elements that I create either by means of lines, drawing, or by breaking down the form itself. The works reflect the isolation themes of recent years. The forms are inspired by the unique art deco architecture of Kaunas. In my works - it can be bricks, maybe houses, or maybe apartment blocks, where I feel like trapped and try to find a way.

In artworks Basilica and Respublika, nichrome wire is used which, on the one hand, breaks up the porcelain but at the same time holds it, preventing it from falling apart. These artworks were inspired by the ghost hotel "Respublika" in Kaunas, more precisely, the process of its demolition. A concrete but unfinished 20-storey building built in Soviet times has been waiting for demolition for almost 30 years. Observing this process of demolition, in my work I try to reveal nostalgia, connections with the past, transformations from the old to the new. The Basilica is a kind of architectural form of a public and religious building. This Basilica is my inner reflection. These are old attitudes and beliefs that are plundered by internal contradictions and new realities of life. The bone china used in this work shrinks as while drying and firing, but the built-in wire counterparts do not allow it to do so. The porcelain columns break, but remain standing.

Giedra Petkevičiūtė

Giedra Petkevičiūtė is a ceramic artist from Kaunas, currently actively creating from bone china, is one of the organizers of the International Bone Porcelain Symposium.

Exhibition will be open until 2nd of August at VAA Outdoor expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.