Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Ceramics Department II course students exhibition "Appropriated 2"
2020 12 21–2021 02 01

The thing - appropriated from nature or otherwise created, made, an object of the material world. The exhibition "Appropriated" invites you to go on a search: not only to expect to find the appropriated or manufactured things, but also to reflect on the essence of the ceramics itself. Recalling the famous prepared practice of Marcel Duchamp, according to which a simple household object transferred to another cultural environment becomes a work of art or a part of it, we present such artifacts in the exhibition.  All the works in the exhibition are created using casts of natural forms, real industrial objects, and various edible products.

After processing the selected items accordingly plaster molds of those items are produced so that a clay slip can be poured into them and a porcelain copy of the object can be formed. Later, ceramic objects are created from such things. This is the result of particularly careful work and a lot of patience, as well as a lot of knowledge of ceramic technology.

Exhibition will be open until 1st of February at VAA Outdoor expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.

VAA Ceramics Department Students:

1. Vytautė Latožaitė “Simple Oranges", 2020.
2. Eglė Kulbytė "Ocean Portal", 2020.
3. Jingtong Meng "Coca Cola", 2019.
4. Kamilė Mikailionytė "Modified reality", 2019.
5. Paulina Giedraitytė "Wave", 2019.
6. Marielene Groß "Enlightenment", 2018.
7. Ieva Pachomova "Hag stone", 2018.
8. Agnieška Miliuškevič "Sweet dreams", 2017.
9. Uršulė Baužaitė "Christmas Lights", 2016.
10. Brigita Rimkutė "Childhood", 2016.
11. Miglė Mačiulytė "Mass graves", 2016.
12. Martynas Margevičius "Lichens", 2014.