Programme code 


Qualification degree

Master of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, Second cycle, graduate (Master's)

Mode of study

Full-time, 2 years, 120 credits


Visual Communication Design master study programme is to educate visual communication design specialists in compliance with the international standards and master’s qualification requirements, who are able to effectively transmit verbal and visual information using the means of new media in the field of interdisciplinary design, to carry out artistic research, to critically- analytically evaluate and interpret design phenomena and processes in local and international cultural contexts , to apply innovative methods solving the problems, pursuing strategic visual communication goals and conceiving new interdisciplinary projects.

Profile of study programme

Visual communication design programme graduates will apply knowledge, carry out research and having required special, social and personal skills will be able:
- to generate cutting edge visual communication knowledge and activity models, accumulate, critically evaluate, systematically analyze and apply the most contemporary science, art and visual communication design knowledge to creative work and scientific research; to think contextually and conceptually, to choose and employ up-to-date technological knowledge and innovative design methods to attain specific goals;
- to independently carry out artistic design research  employing the most advanced methods and sources of information, to interpret and synthesize the results of the research in practical - activity pursuing strategic goals of visual communication design;
- to assess the needs of the society and foresee the new ones, to search for innovative methods solving the problems, to expand the conception of visual communication design in the perspective of sustainable development of the society; to present creative ideas to the society and particular people, to effectively communicate, discuss in professional environment and public space in Lithuanian and foreign languages;
- to constantly grow, critically evaluate and analyse innovations in professional activity;
- to work in the interdisciplinary environment, to manage team work and be leaders, act independently, generate new ideas, communicate and cooperate with clients, colleagues, mass media; to be guided by the principles of social justice, equal opportunities, morality, responsibility and professional ethics, to satisfy diverse sustainable environment needs of the society and individual, to create harmonious environment; to continue studies in design PhD studies or work in the area of design education.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Graduates will be able to work as creative directors in network advertising agencies, publishing houses, editorial offices, in the internal company design and marketing divisions, will be competitive not only in local but international market as well, will develop private business, will work in the field of interactive new media and creative industry and will be able to work in design education area.

Upon completion of this master degree program graduate may continue studies in the doctoral program (third cycle studies); study Vilnius Academy of Arts non-degree pedagogical studies.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Prof. Aušra Lisauskienė
Vilnius faculty, Department of Graphic design

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