On the 5th and 9th of June, the final theses defenses of the BA and MA levels of the Site-specific Art program took place!

Graduates of the site-specific art program exhibit in the spaces of the Vilnius Academy of Arts and Jonas Mekos Visual Arts Center!



Uršulė Jankūnatė
The work, which remains alive on the facade wall, is embedded in people's everyday life. The final work was inspired by nature - the harmonious whole in nature inspired the combination of different technologies: mosaic, deco, glass.
Maironio str. 4, outer entrance wall


Armin Sargsyan
The cycle of paintings tells about the life of one woman in the household through objects and situations in the kitchen space. Breaking away from the real image of the household, I aim to capture the beauty and complexity of the life cycle through random moments inspired by the kitchen space.
Maironio str. 4, 109 aud.


Rugilė Truncytė
In the work, you delve into yourself through an emotional self-portrait, which
trying to reveal an unusual fear - lepidopterophobia - the fear of butterflies. I move the object of my fear and visualize it on the old windows as if it is stuck, stuck or stuck in a sound lantern.
Maironio str. 6, cellars


Aistė Maliaukienė
I explore motherhood through painting. I am interested in watching and recording how my daughter begins to create her own world, grow and learn; the connection between mother and child is constantly being created, it is an opportunity to enjoy even the smallest details of that day.
Maironio str. 4, III century hall


Rugile Bernadeta Matuzaitė
Aim to acquaint the environment with a situation that few would call dangerous. The ability to feel the fear that comes with thinking too intensely about the sources of your problems than taking actions that can help you assess your real state. If light is not a threat, then what is the real source of fear?
Maironio str. 4,013 (Gray Hall)


Marina Masel
...You write and suffer. But no difficulties make you calm down, but only invite you to the mountain: what is on that mountain, and what is behind it? An unbridled desire to know, and knowing brings new desire. And the path runs, twists and turns, it starts right here with the simple desire to paint a picture.
Maironio str. 4, 225 rooms.


Karolina Nadzeikaitė
Works created on the basis of artistic research: objects created by the artist exploring the tactile, moment-focused creative process, capturing the most important moments marking an inner journey and reflection, and opening up to the viewer her unique perspective as an autistic creator.
Malūnu str. 8, Jonas Mekos Visual Arts Center


Teresė Savickaitė
The enclosure is a place where I pay attention to the moment of the landscape and its temporality. Watching the sheep grazing in the distance, walking along their paths, I kind of identify with this animal, becoming part of the herd. We are simultaneously witnessing the end and rebirth, decay and renewal of the same object.
Maironio str. 4, Black Hall


Aiva Jaskelytė
Research object A culture of symbiotic bacteria and yeast, fed with different solutions, exposed to various environmental conditions, grew into the object Cocoon. It is exhibited together with artistic research tools, materials used in the experiment and various documentation.
Malūnu str. 8, Jonas Mekos Visual Arts Center


Edvardas Kulvičius
While studying illegal migration as a process, I realized that in order to understand the unconditionally negative reaction of society, it is necessary to take into account not only the process itself, but also the historical context of certain countries. Afraid of being influenced by aggressor countries, society tries to deny things that are being imposed, even if it is refugees being pushed across the border.
Maironio str. 4, 216, drawing aud.


Romarika Pikelienė
The search for churches became the driving force and passion of my travels, and after entering the Master's program of Embedded Art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, this interest took the form of artistic research and inspired me to create an art project - stained glass. The art project consists of eight stained glass windows: seven represent the colors of the facades of the churches of the dioceses (archdiocese) in Lithuania, and the eighth - all the 21st-century ones. the colors of the facades of Catholic churches operating in Lithuania at the beginning.
Maironio str. 4, 216, drawing aud.

Aida Vėželienė
The cash register metaphor arose when I was looking for a connection between the works I created with different artistic expression, trying to understand my artistic identity. This object can symbolize certain stages of life, cycles of the year. The project is complemented by a catalog with the same name "Kasa"; the content consists of author's poetry and moments captured in the production process of the works.
Maironio str. 3, Titanic terrace, greenhouse