Site-specific Art (fresco-mosaic, stained glass) (LT, EN)

Programme code


Qalification degree

Bachelor of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, First cycle, undergraduate (Bachelor)

Mode of study

Full-time, 4 years, 240 credits


To train a contemporary artist who is: able to create individually and collaborate with architects, designers and creators working in other fields; has mastered the classical (al fresco, al secco) and modern wall painting (street art – wall painting with acrylic, aerosol paint) techniques, as well as stained glass and architectural art glass, mosaic technique; has mastered professional drawing and easel painting skills; is able to integrate theoretical knowledge into their artistic practice and reflect on the changing field of art in public spaces.

Annotation of study programme

The Site-Specific Art program is designed to train a contemporary artist who can initiate and implement independent art projects, expanding them in collaboration with professionals in other fields – architects, designers, restorers, clients, curators, gallery owners, operators of the private and public sectors, other artists and cultural creators.

During the fresco-mosaic specialisation stage in the first and second courses, the students gain the basic skills for their occupation: they master the techniques of fresco casting, sgraffito carving, direct and reverse mosaic. During the stained glass specialisation stage in the first and the second courses, the students master the technologies of classical stained glass: stained glass, tiffany, glass sticking, matting, etc. Students of both specializations acquire the basics of academic drawing (still life, portrait, nude, figurative, anatomical drawing, freehand drawing) and easel painting (watercolor, oil painting).  During the third-fourth years, the focus falls on the formation and development of personal creative practice, its placement in public spaces, and the relationship with the selected architectural or natural environment.

The graduates will be able to express their thoughts in the language of art, visualise and adapt their works in a site-specific location and critically evaluate the creative process. They can also join relevant social and cultural life processes and reflect them through various artistic means of expression.

Professional career opportunities

Graduates of the program can engage in individual artistic and commissioned activities, participate in national and international exhibitions, projects, residency programs, symposiums, festivals, art competitions in public spaces. Moreover, they are able to implement wall paintings and stained glass works in an urban environment and to continue studies in the second cycle of studies.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. Prof. Žydrūnas Mirinavičius
Vilnius faculty, Department of Site-Specific Art and Scenography

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