Design | Undergraduate | Kaunas (LT)


The beginning of the Department of Design (Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas Faculty) dates back to the year 1959. It was a time in the city of Kaunas when higher art education started to be more oriented  towards Applied and Industrial Fine Arts. Later the Department of Interior and Equipment was established, which, in the 1980s, after various reorganisations, was changed into the Department of Industrial Environment. Only after Lithuania regained  it‘s  independence, it was possible to establish the Department of Architecture and Design. At that time, by initiative of the then rector of the faculty V. Palys, designers N. Zovė (1947 † 2009) and J. Venckūnas prepared the concept program of Department of Design. In 1996, due to the decision of the Senate, the Department of Architecture and Design (VAA, KF) was reorganised into two independent departments: Department of Architecture and Department of Design.  Since the beginning of the Department of Design, the study programs (including both Design and Graphic Design) were developed after carefully studying the experiences of design schools in Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and the US, also adapting art and design traditions of Lithuania – all of this created a unique school for future designers in Lithuania.

Study programs

VAA Kaunas Faculty’s Department of Design has long Design and Graphic design specialist preparing traditions.
Based on the experiences of foreign schools we are continually improving our study programs. Since 2011, we invite you to study the updated Design and Graphic design programs.
During the first year students have general Art and Design classes, and from the second year they start to deepen their knowledge in their chosen specialty.
After finishing the first year, students have the opportunity to finally decide which study direction – design or graphic design – they will choose for the following years.
The Department of Design cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education, conducts educational exchange programs, giving students an opportunity to train in foreign design schools. Works by our students are constantly presented at the well known international competitions and exhibitions. Strengthening relationships with manufacturers allows us to prepare a number of graduation projects and course works for the production and realization.