Undergraduate Interior Design study programme by Vilnius Academy of Arts is distinct and unique, as it is the only one among Lithuanian design field study programmes which provides both university level Bachelor of Design qualification degree and competences in space design without focusing on a narrow area. Based on employment data, competences of universal character acquired during studies are in demand on Lithuanian and foreign interior design market.

Degree students have the opportunity to acquire university knowledge, to additionally study subjects in other art fields, participate in different interdisciplinary projects, interact with leading Lithuanian artists, architects and other specialists in their respective areas. There is also a provision for gaining some specific knowledge and experience in other universities, and in companies most of which are concentrated in Kaunas. Students taking the programme have access to good facilities and contemporary laboratory equipment. They have the opportunity to perform practice on uncommon projects and participate in international mobility programmes.

The degree is focused on an interior designer who is professionally employed in architecture or space design industry, has created own style of distinctness and is capable, individually or as a team member, carry on practical activity, make judgments of market situation, to employ technological knowledge, use principles of coherent development and to mature professionally.

The programme is delivered during 4 years of studies (8 semesters). The number of credits (hours for lectures, practical classes, consultations, and independent work) for every study subject is conditioned by the contents of the subject to be consolidated and by the nature of the abilities to be acquired:
• General University subjects  –  humanities, social sciences, technologies – 3 credits for each subject;
• ​Visual Art subjects  –  6 credits each in the first 4 semesters, 3 credits each in the next 2 semesters (more hours are dedicated to the basics of visual expression in the first semesters);
• Speciality subjects  –  6 credits each in the first 4 semesters, 9 credits each next two semesters (5th and 6th), 12 credits in the 7th semester (in later semesters, tasks are more complicated);
• Practice  –  3 semesters: 3, 6, 6 credits;
• Degree project  –  30 credits.

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