In 2022 September 27th VAA Outdoor Expo (Maironio st. 6) opened an installation "Dream" by Romarika Pikelienė. Artist is currently in second-year of the Stained Glass specialization of the Master's program in Site-specific Art. 

The author uses various expressions of art in her work, experiments with materials, their textures and plastic possibilities.

"Dream" is a combination of glass art and the old photo process (cyanotype), using photo printing to create realistic and decorative images, patterns and poetry. An installation about temporality, journey, farewell and life.

"The son is sitting in the meadow and sewing a white shirt.
His eyes are shining, I can see how happy he is.
"Look," he says. - I am lucky.
White shirt - under white clouds."

Romarika Pikelienė (b. 1964) - since 2007, she has been actively participating in exhibitions and artistic projects in Lithuania and abroad. Organized nine personal exhibitions.

You can see the installation until November 1st.

Curator of the exhibition: Associate Professor of the Department of Site-specific Art and Scenography – Ieva Paltanavičiūtė.