Site-specific Art (Fresco-mosaic, Stained glass) (LT, EN)

Programme code 


Qualification degree          

Master of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, Second cycle, graduate (Master's)

Mode of study                            

Full-time, 2 years, 120 credits


To develop an independent and critically thinking person who is able to apply the model of artistic research in his or her creative practice.

Profile of study programme

During the Site-Specific Art Master’s studies of the Site-Specific Art program, students specialising in fresco-mosaic and stained glass, develop a two-year-long artistic research. During the first year of the programmes, studies take place in the form of seminars, during which a culture of discussion is developed, and students learn to work in different epistemological fields. It combines the knowledge of the humanities with the artistic practice from which tacit knowledge is derived. Having access to all the art and design labs of the academy (monumentalist, photography and media, graphics, ceramics, design, etc.), students work with a variety of frescoes, mosaics, glass and other technologies. During the second year of studies, the art project is conceptualized by finding the appropriate individual relationship between practice and theory.  

Graduates of the program can work independently in the local and international field of art and culture; to prepare individual and collective creative projects; to participate in the development of public buildings; discover the discursive connection between artistic practice and place or space.

Professional career opportunities

The graduate can engage in independent creative activities on the local and international art scene; participate in exhibitions, projects, residency programs, symposiums, festivals, art competitions in public spaces; to lead a creative group, to be a member of it; to work as a lecturer in the Higher School of Art and to continue one’s studies at the Doctoral programmes at the Vilnius Academy of Arts or other higher education institutions in Lithuania and abroad.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. prof. dr. Vygintas Orlovas
Vilnius faculty, Department of Site-Specific Art and Scenography

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