Sculpture | Graduate | Vilnius (LT, EN)

Department of Sculpture Master's program requirements for theoretical work:
Master's theoretical work at the Sculpture Department is the artistic research in particular. The structure and nature of the work depends on the object of investigation. Method of artistic research is to be adequate for exploration sphere, which limits or guidelines is not possible to anticipate. Research is not only analysis of art theories, social sciences or a philosophy, but empirical observation and capture of any phenomena as well, for instance in a  form of drawing, photo or digital recording, collecting archival material, a compilation of audio recordings, introspection during travels or extreme physical challenges. This could be a co-operation with the scientific institutes, which could result in up to now non-existent materials, equipment or IT applications.
Master's theoretical work at the Sculpture Department should not differ from the spirit of his speciality studies, where main goals are imaginative development of the student, promotion of improvisation and liberation of creative powers. Such a result would be unpredictable, unexpected and have an experimental form.
Assoc. prof. Deimantas Narkevičius

Master’s artistic research evaluation criteria:
Artistic research must be of reasonable volume and have artistic content.
Suggestibility of motivation and formulation of the problem.
Creativity of execution, reasonableness of the relation of the content and form of presentation.
Aesthetics of documentation of new vision, hearing, or expression of thought processes.
Knowledge of the global contemporary art practice and theory, setting of links between the context and individual research.
Emphasis on artistic element priorities in the research.
Perception and regard to the difference between lines of art and science.
Prof. Petras Mazūras