Sculpture | Graduate | Vilnius (LT, EN)

Sculpture Department focuses its training programme on sculpture / spatial art studies in the context of contemporary art processes. Its purpose is to prepare contemporary artist who can participate in these processes individually and respond to issues of public life. Teachers of the Department have different experiences, they represent different approaches to creation of sculpture / spatial art. Main attitude of the Department is that the variety of artistic approaches and methods of production should be a fundamental principle of the study programme, while still maintaining the research nature of process. This attitude is closely associated with basically individual work with the student. This should be understood as the personal attention to each student's creative needs, abilities, regardless of the chosen form of creative outlets as well as attention to development of each individual.

All joined study process already have some reasonable initial preparedness, which, however, differs in levels as well as aspirations. Therefore, each of the teachers adapts / modifies both basic studies and other programmes for each student individually. Horizontal type of learning is considered the fundamental attitude the Department, so the student has the opportunity and is even encouraged to work with various teachers in order to be familiar with a number of programmes, approaches or methods. The Department believes that it is important for the maturity of the individual.