Photo credit: Camillo Frigeni

Erasmus+ students' exhibition „Walk-through“

Erasmus+ students who attend the VDA (Vilnius Dailės Akademija / Vilnius Academy of Arts) were invited to make interventions according to their personal artistic practices. The City of Vilnius, their former residential place, was used as an inspiration for developing projects.

The same city seen from 7 angles, 7 pieces from various parts of Europe infiltrated into the new environment. The city was formed by its architecture, but the citizens are those who give Vilnius its identity. The artists were driven by their personal interests, skills and previous experiences. The impact of the place where we have spent a certain period of time reflects on us and forms into a new work.

The exhibition is a result of a 4-day workshop organized by a visual artist Marina Rajšić (CRO) during her practice at the VDA.

Exhibiting artists:

Camillo Frigeni (ITA)
Clara Will (DE)
Iacopo Francieri (ITA)
Maddalena Lociuro (ITA)
Malte Hultgren (SWE)
Natalia Krynicka (PL)
Rebecca Tremazzi (ITA)

See you on the opening night, on Thursday, 21 November
at 6 PM in White corridor (Maironio g. 6, Vilnius).