Ieva Grigienė | Fanged Lillies | 14/03/2023-31/03/2023

How beautiful are the monsters painted in medieval bestiaries and how predatory can flowers look in the midsummer bloom! What, in this case, is beautiful and what is ugly? 

The inial impulses for the exhibition came from thinking about the fragile duality of the world. Beauty and ugliness are so interlinked, that they not only define and complement each other, but one cannot exist without the other. The concept of beauty is ever changing, every epoch shapes the perception of beauty in its own way and in this exhibition it appears in many different forms, both delicate and rough.

There are no human figures in Ieva Grigienė‘s exhibition, only hints of real or mythical flora and fauna. Predatory flowers and gentle monsters intertwine to create a primordial, colorful garden full of life, where man has not yet set foot.

Ieva Grigienė received her BA in Metal Art and Jewellery in 2017, and her MA in Applied Arts in 2021 with the distinction "For making a conceptual turn in the craft" (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai faculty). The artist creates contemporary jewellery both from precious metals and from non-traditional materials - wood, stone, found objects. Grigienė's jewellery is massive, colourful, full of stories, sometimes intended for everyday use, and sometimes transformed into sculptural works and installations.

The artist allows content and form to wrestle freely, thus some works are born from an initial idea, seeking a material expression to realise it. Others, on the other hand, come from listening to the material, be it stone, wood or metal, which, being very different, dictate their own rules. 

The exhibition is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.

Opening of the exhibition March 14th, 18 h, in VDA gallery Artifex (Gaono g. 1, Vilnius)