Vilnius Academy of Arts is a State University of the Republic of Lithuania, which offers study programs of in all three study cycles in of the areas of art, design, architecture, and art theory and history. 

The Academy is proud of the outstanding creative and scholarly achievements of its students, as well as faculty members, that have received national and international recognition. 

Vilnius Faculty has 15 departments which offer more then 40 study programs. The  main goal of Vilnius Faculty is to prepare creative and technically competent artists, designers and architects. 
Students acquire high level of professional skills by working in studios, laboratories and performing practical tasks,  while critical and conceptual thinking is developed by studying subjects of social sciences and humanities as well as executing independent creative projects.

The teaching staff at Vilnius Faculty is made up of well-known artists, designers, architects and specialists of humanities who have a wide range of practical 
and creative experience and are actively involved in the cultural life of Lithuania.

The core strength of Vilnius Faculty is direct communication of teachers and students when executing term assignments, consulting on creative issues, and quite often collaborating in a variety of creative projects.

Vilnius faculty has a modern infrastructure which is available to its academic community throughout their period of study, for creative work as well as artistic research.