“Information Space VR“ 
International workshop at the Klaipėda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts intended to commemorate Centenary of the BAUHAUS.

For BA, MA students from various design programs
Date: April 23rd – 26th, 2019 (arrival April 22nd, departure April 27th)
Workshop language: English

The lecturer of the workshop Jörg Frohnmayer is a teacher, researcher and experimentalist in the field of virtual reality. J. Frohnmayer works at the Merz Akademie which is a non-profit, nationally accredited University of Art, Design, and Media in Stuttgart, Germany.
More about Jörg Frohnmayer 

Workshop concept

“Information Space VR” will experiment with representation of Data in Space. The workshop will think and develop spatial options to create an information space with all the data collected in virtual reality (VR).

Main focus will be on the aesthetical change of the collected data when everything is presented within a virtual environment (VE). The topic of remediation 1 is a key element when thinking about VE’s because we always bring other media to present in VR. Also the topic of responiveness2 has a big impact while designing for VE’s because of its interactive nature. At the time we enter the virtual world we have already an interactive sensation through the head-tracking.

The Information Space created should tribute the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus architecture and reflect is modern and avant-garde origin.

Timetable, equipment and other detailed information

Short introduction to Bauhaus architecture in Klaipeda