Exhibition "Contemporary Latvian poster design"

The aim of the Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival (HGDF) is to promote the development of graphic design, promote the specialty and intensify professional communication with colleagues both in Estonia and abroad. This particular festival focuses on the development of the poster art and the creative signature of designers in their graphic work. 

The exhibition “Contemporary Latvian poster design” was held previously in Riga and most recently in Vilnius at Užupis Art Incubator. This poster collection presents the work of internationally recognized Latvian poster masters. 

Latvian poster isn’t a frequent guest at Lithuanian exhibition halls. Last time the posters from our southern neighbour were exhibited here 30 years ago. Now again it’s possible to get acquainted with the masters of Latvian graphic design and their latest works. The exhibition will showcase 100 cultural, social and advertising posters from 33 artists. The organizer of this exhibition Marko Kekišev is very grateful and sends his „thank you“ to his colleagues Gatis Vanagas, Latvian design association, project website fold.lv and Latvian art directors‘ club. This exhibition is being held at Vilnius Academy of Arts Klaipėda Faculty. 

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Haapsalu Town Government, and the Estonian Graphic Designers' Association.

Organizer of the exhibition:

Marko Kekishev, Organizer of the HGDF,
+372 56215161, marko@siirup.eu

Curator of the Exhibition in Klaipėda:

Prof. Vakaris Bernotas, Vilnius Academy of Arts, the member of Lithuanian Design Association

+370 698 34310, vakaris.bernotas@vda.lt

The exhibition will be held at Vilnius Academy of Arts Klaipėda Faculty (Daržų str. 18, 91245) and will take place from the 15th of October until 30th of November, working hours: I-V 9-18.