Exhibition Halls "Titanikas" (apply until October 31th)

Floor plans of halls at 1st and 2nd floors | Pictures of the Halls

Gallery "Artifex" (apply until September 20th or from January 1st until February 3rd)

Plan of exhibition halls

Exhibition space "5 malūnai" (apply all year round)

Plan of exhibition space

Digital gallery "Rhizoma" (apply all year round)

VDA Outdoor expo (apply until January 3rd of 2021)


or exhibition at gallery "Akademija" please contact Gediminas Jasinskas via email gediminas.jasinskas@vda.lt.

For exhibition at Panemunė castle please contact Rima Blažytė via email rima.blazyte@vda.lt.

For exhibition at Telšiai gallery please contact Mantas Petreikis via email mantas.petreikis@vda.lt.