Vilnius Faculty Spring

Steps to comprise your exchange study plan:
- choose subjects from ONE particular study programme. Mixing among subjects from different study programmes is not possible.
- add any elective subjects of your choice.
- please limit up to 30 ECTS per semester.

Code Title ECTS
Architecture integrated studies (BA+MA)  
MV0021 Visual expression 2 6
MV0003 Basics of Architectural Design 6
MV0004 Volume-spatial Composition and Colour Science 6
TV0015 Computer-aided Design Methods 2 3
MV0023 Visual Expression 4 6
MV0006 Project of a Public Recreational Object in the Natural Environment 12
TV0016 Computer-aided 3D Design 3
MV0008 Project of a Public Building in a Historic Environment 12
TV0004 Environmental Planning 3
MV0026 Methods of Designing Parametric Architecture 3
MV0010 Project of a Multifunctional Complex in an Urban Situation 12
Site-specific art BA    
MB0369 Fresco Composition and Techniques: Al Fresco 2 6
MB0321 Drawing 2 6
MB1156 Painting composition and techniques (full figure, nude) (fresco-mosaic) 4 6
MB0289 Painting (fresco) 2 6
MB0377 Monumental Art Composition and New Techniques 4 6
MB0373 Fresco Composition and Techniques: in the Expanded Field 6 9
MB0441 Stained-Glass Composition and Technique (Spatial compositions) 6 9
MB0298 Painting (fresco) 6 6
Site-specific art MA  
MM0353 Creative Project 2 (fresco-mosaic) 15
Scenography BA  
MB0462 Painting Composition and Technique. Oil Painting, Still-life, Portrait. (set design ) 2 6
MB0470 Scenographic Composition and Stage Costume 2 (Dramatic text analysis) 6
MB1634 Cinema scenography design composition and film costume 5 9
MB0339 Drawing 4 6
MB0461 Painting composition and techniques (full figure, nude) (scenography) 4 6
MB0473 Scenographic Composition and Stage Costume (Interactive theatre, video installation) 4 6
Scenography MA    
MM0333 Creative Project (stage designing) 2 (spring) 6
MM0330 Visual Language of theatre (cinema) 2 9
Photography and Media Arts BA
MB2124 Art Project: Installation and Performativity (3rd year) 15
MB2291 Art Project: Intermediality and Hybrid Media (2nd year) 12
MB2476 Wanderlust Laboratory 3
Animation BA    
MB2256 Animation: motion and space issues (2nd year) 12
MB2248 Art project: animation in the expanded field 2 (3rd year) 12
MB2268 Dimensional animation technologies 3
MB2270 Experimental Animation Technologies 2 3
Photography and Media Arts MA
MM0018 Project Development 2. Seminars 15
HM0108 Theoretical part of the research 2 3
Design BA    
MB0183 Product Design 2 9
MB0691 Materials and Manufacturing Technologies 1 3
MB1938 Product Design 4 9
MB1565 Design Sketching 3
MB1943 Computer-aided Design 2 (CAD 2) 6
MB2235 Graphic Design 1 3
MB0703 Production Technologies 3
MB2119 Design Workshop 3 3
MB1948 Product and Spatial Design 2 9
MB2366 Graphic Design 3 6
SB0100 Innovative Entrepreneurship 3
MB2121 Design Workshop 5 3
MB1322 Design Portfolio 3
Design MA
MM0540 Experimental Design Lab 2 12
MM0541 Critical Design 6
MM0649 Design Workshop 6
Graphic Art BA
MB0254 Visual Expression. Analysis 6
MB0270 Graphic Project. Reflection 9
Graphic Art MA
MM0457 Calligraphic Project 6
MM0456 The Conceptual Printmaking 6
MM0374 Printmaking in the Space: Thinking in Printmaking Way 6
MM0051 Creative project. Reflection 12
Textile Art and Design BA
MB0400 Felt Art 3
MB1058 Textile Design: Art Accessory 3 3
Textile Art and Design MA
MM0402 Art Theory: Art, Death and Eroticism with Ian Damerell 6
Fashion Design BA
TB0011 Pattern-making and Draping 5
MB0455 Experimental Fashion Design 10
MB0458 High-Quality Fashion Design 10
TB0013 Simulation of Complex Constructions 5
Graphic Design BA
8 semester / 4 YEAR
MB0540 Art of Presentation 3
6 semester / 3 YEAR
MB1997 Graphic Design 6 6
MB0276 Type Design 6
MB0156 Visual Expression 6 6
MB0287 Visual Sociology 3
MB1993 Web Game 3
MB1710 Self Initiated Project 3
4 semester / 2 YEAR
MB1991 Graphic Design 4 6
MB0241 Typography 2 3
MB2128 UI, UX Design 3
MB0247 Visual Expression 4 6
Visual Communication Design MA
MM0626 Content Conceptualization Methods 6
MB1147 Design-Based Insight Creative Workshop 3
MB1710 Self Initiated Project 3
Interior Design BA
MB0324 Computer-Aided Design Methodology 3 (ArchiCAD by Graphisoft) 3
MB2134 Design 2 6
MB2308 Experimental Materials. Wood 3
MB0348 Design 4 12
MB0355 Photography and Presentation 3
MB2202 Experimental Materials. Textiles 3
Ceramics BA
MB0023 Ceramic Creative Project 6 12
MB0119 Practical Laboratory of Ceramics 3 3
MB1409 Visual Expression 6 6
MB0113 Ceramic Outdoor Burning 3
Painting BA
MB0587 Painting 6 6
MB0591 Creative Project 6 9
MB2241 Interdisciplinary Project 3 6
MB0556 Drawing 6 3
MB0578 Drawing 4 6
Painting MA    
MM0518 Creative Project 2 18
MM0520 Creative practice in a public space 3
Fine Arts Studies and Curatorship BA  
HB0038 Art in Public Space 3
HB0309 The Image and Its Potential 3
HB0319 Forbidden Paths: Gender, Art and Social Change 3
Restoration of Art and Interior Heritage BA  
MB2436 Painting 4 and Replication of Historical Painting 7
MB1475 Historic Materials and Technologies in Art 6
Restoration of Art and Interior Heritage MA  
MM0164 Restoration of Easel Paintings 2. Seminar 7
Sculpture BA    
MB1684 Contemporary Sculpture 4 18

Elective subjects for exchange students
Study language: English

HB0309 The Image and Its Potential (BA) 3
HB0319 Forbidden Paths: Gender, Art and Social Change (BA) 3
HB0038 Art in Public Space (BA) 3
MB2399 The Art of Stained Glass (BA) 3
MM0457 Calligraphic Project (MA) 6
MB0410 Bookbinding (BA) 3
MM0456 The Conceptual Printmaking (MA) 6
MB0400 Felt Art (BA) 3
MB1058 Textile Design: Art Accessory (BA) 3
MB2446 Writing in Another Language As Artistic Method And Creative Strategy (BA)  3
MM0719 Writing in Another Language As Artistic Method And Creative Strategy (MA) 6
HB0219 Basics of Lithuanian Language 2 (BA and MA) 3
MB2224 Ceramic Workshop 2 (BA) 3
HM0096 History of Lithuanian Art (MA) 6
HB0021 The History of Western Art: 15th-19th c. (BA) 3
SB0085 Advertising Strategy. Integrated Marketing Communication (BA) 3
SB2354 Sustainability and Innovations (BA) 3
MB2019 Visual Expression. Figurative Picture. A Realistic Paradigm of Artistic Rendition 2 (BA) 3
MM0673 Figurative Picture. Realistic Paradigm in Artistic Interpretation 2 (MA) 6
HB0334 Curatorial Practice in Lithuanian and Global Context (BA) 3
HM0145 History and Theory of Curating: Global and Local Perspectives (MA) 6
MB1479 Sequence Art: Comics and Graphic Novel (BA) 3
MM0487 Totalitarianism, Military Propaganda and Visual Art (MA) 6
MM0675 Art Theory and Discursive Practice: Art, Power, Violence and Irrationality (MA) 6
MM0374 Printmaking in the Space: Thinking in Printmaking Way (MA) 6