ADDRESS: Maironio st. 6, Vilnius

ARRIVAL: By plane to Vilnius International Airport and then by taxi or bus 3G and walk about 15 min to Vilnius Faculty or take bus 10 and walk 1 min to the faculty.

ABOUT: Situated in the heart of Vilnius's Old Town, the Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts takes pride in its burgeoning creative and organizational relationships with neighbouring galleries, art education institutions, art centres, and initiatives. Serving as the headquarters of the Academy, the Vilnius Faculty is nestled in the historic Old Town, the capital of Lithuania. You can find Vilnius Faculty at multiple locations: Maironio St. 6, Maironio St. 3, Malūnų St. 5, and Jasinskio St. 16 A. Vilnius faculty combines old historical buildings and new modern workshops. 

Student union welcomes new members at the start of the academic year in September. Students organize a variety of events: artsy parties, evening painting sessions, evening film viewings, and evening board game sessions.

Library: Located on the 3rd floor of Maironio St. 6 (the old building), the library offers the opportunity to borrow books using the pick-up locker (knygomatas) – your convenient solution for accessing library materials. Additionally, access to online databases is available.


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