A "workshop and participative art / teaching project" by the artists and teachers Tina Bara (Prof. of Photography) and Alba D'Urbano (Prof. of Intermedia), Academy of Visual Arts, HGB, Leipzig will be held at Klaipeda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts on April 2-15th. 

Project "SOURCE" is dedicated to the analysis and construction of photographic images, that we will discover within family albums. In this context, "SOURCE" thematises social processes and changes that emerge between and in the progression of generations. Particular attention will be paid to the aspects related to the representation of the human body and that of portraits, but also the involvement of figures in space, their relation to architecture and to objects that appear in the pictorial space, with which the sitters more or less consciously interact. The photographs will be formally and medium-reflexively examined via a process of intensive observation and research, in regards to their sociological, psychological and historical components. Students will be taught an awareness of what the photographs can tell, including that of private family history and beyond. We will teach them to formulate their findings in short texts. In addition, we will develop new, current photographic images and/or video works with the students,
that respond to the selected and analysed photographs.

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