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Drop X - Electric Guitar / MIDI Laser Controlled Instrument | Red Dot Design Award

Drop X is an electric guitar integrated with a Laser MIDI controller. The main guitar body is constructed in an ergonomic droplet shape and crafted from a neck-trough Mahogany and Maple. The new technology uses aircraft-grade aluminium contour to improve the high frequency that can be felt through the entire guitar body while playing. The instrument fingerboard is crafted from Padauk or Ebony wood. Special aluminium drop-shaped inlays are encrusted in the fingerboard. High-End technology and exclusive materials connect the past and the future to create unimaginable resonance and fascinating sustain. Additionally, the incorporated laser MIDI controller can be used to produce different performances while connected to a computer, pedal or synthesizer with MIDI input. Drop X’s new guitar technology creates more sound possibilities by waving the arm in the air, changing the pitch of the played chord and adding sound effects from the computer or synthesiser.

Red Dot Design Award

Design: Rapolas Gražys, Lithuania