Current state regarding COVID-19 at Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA)

VAA is planning to start the Autumn semester 2020 on site. Provided the COVID-19 situation worsens significantly, classes may partially or fully be changed to the remote/online mode of studies.

Same applies to the Orientation period. If possible, the Orientation week will happen on site, with a face-to-face instruction. If most of the incoming students will be subject to mandatory self-isolation period, we will introduce an online substitute of the Orientation period.

Current state regarding COVID-19 in Lithuania

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation outside Lithuania, and publishing a list of countries with restricted entry to Lithuania, recommended or mandatory self-isolation period as well as free entry with no special requirements. Please note the list is being reviewed and published every week.

Countries with the coronavirus incidence rate over 25 cases per 100 000 population in the last 14 days are regarded as virus-affected and arrivals from those countries are currently forbidden.

If the coronavirus incidence rate is within the range 15 – 24 cases per 100 000 population in the last 14 days, self-isolation may be either recommended or mandatory.

Coronavirus Hotline - 1808. If your query cannot be answered in English, please call 112.

We advise to regularly check the below website for updates regarding the exact numbers of confirmed Coronovirus cases in Lithuania:

Feeling unwell?

If you feel unwell and show any symptoms (fever and dry cough) or if you have been in contact with infected individuals, you must report this to as well as the dormitory administrator (for dormitory residents) immediately, so that measures can be taken in order to prevent further spread of the infection, and notify potentially infected students.

If you feel tense or anxious, or if you have further questions in relation to the COVID-19 and would like to talk to someone from the International Office, please email and we will arrange a telephone call or a Skype video chat ASAP.

Should you need any additional information, support or clarification, please contact us at or call/text +370 615 79695 (in urgent cases).


Stay Tuned. We will send more updates as we have them and continue to update this web page to keep VAA community informed.