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    Theoretical Seminar & Critical Meeting
    Vizualiųjų menų ir dizaino magistrantams ir meno doktorantams

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    Gruodžio 15 d.13 val. VDA 112 aud., Maironio g. 3 
    Gruodžio 16 d. 13 val. VDA C1 pastate, 102 aud. , Malūnų g. 3
    Renginys atviras. Anglų kalba.

    Su Švedijos Umea menų akademijos dėstytoja prof. Swetlana Heger

    Swetlana Heger gyvena ir kuria Umea, Švedijoje bei Berlyne, Vokietijoje. Nuo 2012-ųjų dėsto Umea menų akademijoje.
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    Swetlanos Heger paroda „Smoke“ (Liberté Toujours)
    Kiti darbai:  „Knights and Knaves“, „Capitalist Neo-Realism

    Paskaita „Re-Modelling Art“

    “/…/ It used to be the case that one of the artist’s natural roles involved projecting an image of what art was sup- posed to be. Artists embodied the image people had of them; which meant that they were seen as not being like other people. This was the case, for example, with Van Gogh, the first of the visionary artists. And it was also the image that Jackson Pollock represented, for a time. As the objects created by artists became more and more abstract – and more intimately individual – the image they projected of themselves took on more and more importance.

    But the abstract character of art has ceased to be compensated for by a particular image that sets apart the kinds of artist who, like Warhol and his successors, identify themselves as «entrepreneurs», and who have made their public persona a part of their stock in trade."

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