• Naujienlaiškis
  • Kviečiame į Europos humanitarinio universiteto Laboratory of Critical Urbanism organizuojamą simpoziumą „Populism and the City“

    Laikas: gruodžio 15 d. 10 val.
    Vieta: prof. Felikso Daukanto / 112 aud. (Maironio g. 3, Vilnius)


    10.00 Welcoming and introductory remarks by Siarhei Liubimau (European Humanities University, Vilnius)

    10.20 Participation, Technocracy and Populism in Urban Design Today

    • Emilia Palonen (University of Helsinki) – Becoming the People in Maunula
    • Liutauras Nekrošius and Indrė Ruseckaitė (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University) – The Participatory Aspect in Architectural Education
    • Giedrė Godienė (Vilnius University) – Participatory Approach and Practices in Urban Design and Planning in Lithuania: Biržai Public Space Vision Co-creation

    11.50 Kavos pertraukėlė

    12.10 Moral (Dis)Orders in Digitally Mediated Urbanisation

    • Marjaana Jauhola (University of Helsinki) – The New Woman: Female Political Populism and Careful Management of Women’s Good Reputation
    • Ian M. Cook (Central European University, Budapest) – Immoral Times: Vigilantism in a South Indian City
    • Pekka Tuominen (University of Helsinki) – Moral Qualities of Neighborhoods: Sense of Belonging and Urban Transformation

    13.40 Pietūs

    15.30 Varieties of Populism between Placemaking and Global Competition 

    • Ūla Tornau (Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius) – A Contested Memorial Project as a Playground of Political Populism: a Recent Workshop for the Memorial on Lukiskes‘ Square in Vilnius
    • Dalia Čiupailaitė (Vilnius University) – A Reconceptualization of Public Libraries: From Knowledge To Social Infrastructure
    • Benjamin Cope (European Humanities University, Vilnius) – Euro 2012 in Warsaw: Statehood and Global Mega-Events

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