State-funded student loans

State-Supported Loans are preferential loans for students issued through the selected credit institutions (banks) for one academic year. All students enrolled on the first, second and third cycle, integrated and non-degree studies at higher education institutions in Lithuania can apply for a State-Supported Loan.

In accordance with the description of the procedure for granting, administering, and repaying state-sponsored student loans, the following state-sponsored loans will be provided to Lithuanian higher education students in the autumn semester.

Types of loans:

  • To pay the tuition fee. The amount of this loan in one study year cannot exceed the student's tuition fee or part thereof paid for the current study year
  • For living expenses. The amount of this loan cannot exceed 50 BSI (basic social benefits) amounts (EUR 2,000) during one year of study.
  • For partial studies according to international (interagency) agreements. This loan cannot exceed 60 BSI (basic social allowance) amounts (EUR 2,400) during one year of study.

HOW and WHEN to apply for this?

To receive a state-funding loan, go to the website of The State Studies Foundation and fill out and submit the borrower's application. 

Spring semester (2024 update)

from February 5  08:00, until March 4, 15:00

Autumn semester (2024 update)

To be announced in August. Usually, the deadline is the middle of September. 

The main institution that organizes and operates with state funding in Lithuania - The State Studies Foundation. 

WHO can apply? Check your eligibility criteria.

According to The State Studies Foundation, a State-funding loan is available to:

Citizens of the EU, EEA and the Swiss Confederation, as well as citizens of the United Kingdom, who until the transition period established in 2020 January 24 have acquired the right to live in the Republic of Lithuania as citizens of a member state of the European Union, who have the right to live permanently in Lithuania or who have the status of an employee, self-employed person, as well as persons who maintain such status and their family members, citizens of other foreign countries and persons without citizenship who have the right to permanently to live in the Republic of Lithuania.

  • Students can borrow from banks on preferential terms with a state guarantee. General terms and conditions of state-supported loans
  • A student can apply for a new loan every academic year. Loan contracts are concluded with the bank(s) that won the competition in the current year
  • The bank provides loans on preferential terms only to those students and only for the amount for which the students have received a state guarantee. In order to obtain a state guarantee, the student must electronically submit a request form to the Foundation within the established terms
  • The start of loan repayment - 12 months after the initial date of the end of studies indicated in the loan agreement or the date of termination of studies, if the studies were terminated earlier than the initial date of the end of studies indicated in the agreement of studies
  • Loan repayment period - 15 years, except for cases where the specified term would end when the borrower turns 65 years old. In this case, the loan repayment schedule is drawn up so that the loan is repaid no later than when the borrower turns 65
  • Loans are provided at variable interest rates: EURIBOR (euro interbank market interest rate, calculated by the European Banking Federation) + bank margin determined by the credit agreement.