Vilnius Academy of Arts Outdoor Expo opens VAA Vilnius faculty Ceramic Department 3rd year students practice and creative project work exhibition “High Flames”.

It is a real alchemy of earth and fire. The clay was transformed into pottery in the heat of 1300°C, and the outdoor kiln in which the works were fired was burnt by the authors themselves. The knowledge, heat, sweat, ashes, mosquito bites and glazes created by the students themselves were synthesized in unique sculptures at the Mizarai Practice and Recreation Base. These works are visions of the authors that reflect feelings, hobbies, passions and exude the natural power of fire, which together forms a phantasmagoric picture.

Exhibitors: Vytautė Latožaitė, Dovilė Narbutaitė, Emilija Griciūtė, Gedvardas Simonenko ir Yana Kapran.

Lecturers: 3rd year course supervisor prof. Rytas Jakimavičius.
Practice supervisor assoc. prof. art licensee Saulius Jankauskas.

Exhibition is open until 3rd February at VAA Outdoor Expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.