Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Outdoor Expo presents ceramic objects exhibition "White Signs" by VAA assoc. prof. Benas Narbutas.

Christian worldview is the main axis of my life and work. As I read the Scriptures, which are full of Divine poetry, rich in exciting stories, wise comparisons, colorful metaphors, - I always discover something what excites the depths of the soul. Plastic images are born and mature in my head, which are then realized in white clay as symbolic signs of gratitude to the Creator.  

Benas Narbutas

About the author

Assoc. prof. Benas Narbutas teaches visual expression in the Departments of Graphics, Site-specific Art and Scenography at the Vilnius Academy of Arts since 1985. He studied sculpture at the Vilnius National Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) in 1978-1984. Participates in exhibitions, creates small plastics, medals, reliefs, sculptures in public spaces, ex-libris.

Exhibition is open until 5th January at VAA Outdoor Expo, Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.