Lithuania has an old tradition of educating its architects. The first department of architecture was founded back in 1793 at Vilnius University by the celebrated Lithuanian architect, head and professor of the department Laurynas Stuoka Gucevičius (1753-1798). Currently three higher education schools in Lithuania teach programmes graduating architects: Kaunas Technological University (programme code 612K10001), Vilniaus Gediminas Technical University (612K11001) and Vilnius Academy of Arts (612K10002).Among these, the present-day Deptartment of Architecture of Vilnius Academy of Arts and its programme stand out through integration of general university and specialty (and related engineering fields) subjects with thorough studies of arts. The methodology of teaching architecture is anchored on connection of general university subjects, subjects in architectural and engineering field and of visual expression.

The first cycle, university (under-graduate) programme 612K10002 – Architecture is taught by the Architecture Department of VAA since 1995. The programme reflects the demand for qualified architects on EU and Lithuanian markets, and future development of Vilnius, its region and the country.

The programme is focused on studies in its main field of architecture, and the graduation leads to the award of Bachelor of Architecture qualification degree. It also includes study subjects embracing a wider area (which provide broader intellectual background, not immediately connected to the content of major studies), they are set by the school and selected by individual students. The programme aims to graduate a qualified architect and a creative artist in one person. The structure and sequence of subjects within the curriculum is based on interdisciplinary links of architecture, engineering and art subjects. This close connection kept throughout the duration of studies provides for the achievement of learning outcomes.

The earned academic qualification title leads to careers with architectural design firms, state and municipal territorial planning institutions, and qualifies the graduates, under a guidance of a specialist (project manager), to the development of architectural projects for a range of complexity of buildings and their environment. According to the procedures set forth by the Lithuanian Government, the alumni may seek qualification certificate of project manager after three years of professional practice, subsequently they can set up their own business of architectural design.

The scope of knowledge/skills supplied by the studies suffices for further specialization in any architectural field, and makes graduates eligible candidates for deepening MA degree studies.