An exhibition “Gas Mixture” by Viktorija Tamaliūnaitė, a 4th year student of the Site-specific Art Program (fresco-mosaic specialization) is now open at the library of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The exhibited works were created in the practice held at the Nida Art Colony, organized by prof. Živilė Jasutytė. During it, we had to "talk about the weather" and what it means to us. During those seven days, all my experiences, which I tried to convey came together in a life with polluted air and trips where it is incomparably cleaner. When it comes to air, I wanted to draw attention to its pollution and how it affects us and the environment. Air, in my perception, is not only oxygen but also other particles. I’m not talking about each of them individually, I’m not looking at chemical elements, but I’m trying to convey images that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. Those moments involve despair, realizing how we breathe, how it affects nature, but then I realize that this is the reality we live in and the problems we have to deal with.

Viktorija Tamaliūnaitė

Exhibition curator - prof. Živilė Jasutytė

The exhibition is open at the Vilnius Academy of Arts' Library (room 331) Maironio str. 6, Vilnius.