On October 16-22 fourth-year students Martynas Arlauskas and Armine Sargsyan together with Prof. Živile Jasutytė completed a residency in Poland at the Bolestraszyce arboretum near Peremisl. The students created an instalation "Carry on caring" and the proffesor created the object "War Mailbox".

Students share their experiences, photos and their creative work from the project:

"It is about you and me.

               In such nature surrounding we catch ourselves gazing at the stop moment of weight being carried. This burden was given to the man and the woman by the first engagement to the heavenly garden – connection with nature. The gift took a form of duty that one has to carry in order for this relationship between people and environment to thrive. Equally man and woman share this burden, repetitively passing it to future generations; the ones who are carrying and the ones who are about to carry this gain will always be in ephemeral contact.

               In the process we, as artist duo, questioned the mutuality of the people nowadays which led us to the concept of responsibility.

               Responsibility for you and me."

I am glad that practice fulfilled its main function - it provided practice. This project gave an opportunity to exercise not only one's creative abilities, but also a wide range of other experiences beneficial to the personality, - mutual communication, emotional relationship with a new (creative) space, expansion of the geographical and cultural field. During the project we received many consultations from Professor Živilė and a little from other teachers, but the work process itself was quite individual; I see this as an expression of trust. I am also happy to discover the joys of working in a creative group. Although we worked together with Armine in a number of 2 poeple, the discussions flowed non-stop forcing us to dig deeper and dive into wider contexts and the expression of the idea, we tirelessly asked each other questions and through the answers we grew stronger as a creative group. I am grateful for this experience and especially grateful to the teacher. prof. Živil Jasutyta and colleague Armine Sargsyan.


Doctoral students and teachers from different countries participated in the creative workshop: Poland (Lodz, Poznań), Lithuania (VAA, Vilnius), Ukraine (Lviv Academy) and Bulgaria (Sofia).