Main goals of BA Site-specific art programme are:

  • Provide general university education, i.e. the one that forms world outlook and helps to understand social processes and required knowledge for society.
  • Develop study environment that is supportive, socially equitable, based on principles of cooperation and democracy.
  • Provide and enhance transferable skills/core competencies (communication, information management; collecting, analysis and presentation of information, independent and team work, work planning) needed not only for creative jobs but also for adjacent areas.
  • Promote and develop need for education and maintain professional competence (expand, deepen and update their knowledge and skills through lifelong learning)
  • The educational process shall be based on dialogue, promote active forms of work (consultation, debate, public theoretical and practical work progress and results of discussions-presentations)
  • Create collaborative and creative atmosphere during study process that helps to develop personal inner potential
  • Regularly monitor and maintain the quality of educational process and content of the programme by involving teachers and students of the Academy, social partners and following the innovations of teaching strategies and art direction
  • Provide theoretical knowledge of culture and art history of art, contemporary art trends (cultural and artistic epochs, stylistic features, the most famous creators and artworks)
  • Develop ability to recognise art works of different epochs, read and analyse and recognize historical art techniques and apply them
  • Develop and deepen drawing, painting and composition skills
  • Develop the ability to generate independent and original creative ideas; artistically render them (through painting, design and models) and develop project of their technical realisation
  • Highlight and help to comprehend artist's professional ethical principles, commitments to society and state, their profession and colleagues.

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