Sculpture | Undergraduate | Vilnius (LT, EN)

What happens when an artwork is being created? This practice is at the centre of our attention and makes up the basis of our study programme. As a possible example, I have taken Bloom’s Taxonomy model. I have spread the specific stages of getting to know/knowing, noticing/seeing, applying, making/finishing, analysing, synthesising, and evaluating, as specific stages throughout all of the semesters. All of these stages are also featured in every finished creation, which is what every semester ends in. Therefore, the stage (field) selected for the semester is a possibility to pay closer attention to that stage, yet it is only one of many. As the student is getting the hang of things, they might notice that this spiral, rather than a pyramid, as suggested (especially in initial drafts) by Bloom, has been spinning for a long time - since birth.
Antanas Šnaras