Metal art and jewellery (612W10013)

This is the only study programme of BA in art in Lithuania which prepares art professionals, who have competencies to create functional and conceptual jewellery, medals, small size sculpture and architectural metal plastics. Graduates are provided with general competences of higher education, knowledge of world art heritage, contemporary processes of art and culture. The main part of studies consists of professional activities: introduction to materials and technologies, jewellery, blacksmithery, designing and implementation of contemporary metal art objects, medals, visual expression and management of digital technologies. There take place creative workshops, public presentations and exhibitions. The main focus is on originality of an idea and form and craft quality. The whole study programme is oriented to general tendencies of European art and science and at the same time respecting and flourishing individual potential of every personality.

Career opportunities.   Graduates after having completed studies and got BA degree in art, can work individually; they can work in the fields of professional jewellery, artistic blacksmithing, small size sculpture, medal art; initiate and implement art projects; continue further MA studies.

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