CIRRUS (Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design higher education) funded online workshop: Baltic-Nordic Mythology, 19-23 October, 2020

• Aalto University / School of Arts, Design and Architecture / Media Department, Finland
• Vilnius Academy of Arts /Graphic Design Department, Vilnius, Lithuania

Workshop tutors:
Tarja Nieminen (Aalto Arts),
Antti Hietaniemi (Aalto Arts),
prof. Ausra Lisauskiene (VDA),
Lode Coen (Belgium) and visiting lecturers
Workshop assistant:
Santtu Oja (Aalto Arts)

This is a five-day online media workshop for BA and MA students which will focus on Nordic-Baltic (Circum-Baltic) mythologies. The workshop is coordinated by Tarja Nieminen from the Aalto University and carried out in collaboration with the Graphic Design Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts so there will be students both from Finland and Lithuania attending the workshop.
In the beginning of the workshop, there are lectures on mythology, its definitions, genres and an overview on academic research directions as well as case study presentations e.g. on the impact and inspiration of mythology in art and design in both countries. In the workshop, each participant will design a set of moving mythological characters, shapeshifters, which will be exhibited later on online or in physical spaces (for example as media installations in public indoor or outdoor spaces).