The main aim of the study programme of Product design is to prepare a products, packaging and environment designer with general higher education.

Product designers gain theoretical professional and study field knowledge; are able to gather, analyse and apply this knowledge; are able to apply science achievements; are able to create design innovative, functional and competitive objects of product design; to present them and deliver to a customer. Designers are able to tackle the problems related to the location, the environment and social activity.

Students learn graphic expression, fount basics and master different means of visual expression from drawing to video. Since the first study year students learn to work with 2D, 3D graphic software and learn basics of a thing form: from a simple sheet, relief to more complex construction forms, layout production; they get introduced to different materials and technologies and their application. Students of product design study design development and contemporary tendencies, analyse a structure, function and aesthetics of a thing, a relation between a product and a human, design anthropology, research methodologies; learn how to explore the environment and generate ideas. Students are taught how to plan, organise and evaluate design processes and outcomes, marketing laws; to be informed in the current design market; work on their own, organise team activity; know how to give others the benefit of their experience and knowledge; to communicate with professionals and the public; to follow professional ethics and citizenship laws.

During studies students have an opportunity to take part in the international exchange programmes, carry out trainings in the enterprises and firms. They participate in different projects with municipalities and other social stakeholders. Seminars and workshops are taken place, exhibitions and field trips are organised as well.

Career opportunities.   After studies graduates can work for companies as designers, consultants; work in the design offices or set up their own business, work as freelance designers or consultants, participate in educational and creative projects or they can continue further MA studies.