Design (6121PX013) Furniture design 

The aim of the study programme of Furniture design specialisation is to prepare designers who are able to design innovative design objects (furniture) of things and the environment, to deal with creative process, work in interdisciplinary teams, to participate actively in creative industries, to meet the changes of their study field, to develop their professional career and to run their own business.

The mission of this study programme is to educate broad-minded personalities with critical thinking and specialists with general higher education who are able to creatively use acquired general and professional competences and practical skills which allow them to work on their own in the field of furniture design.

Career opportunities
Graduates work in the companies of furniture industry, in the offices of interior design or design, in the enterprises, in the agencies of advertisement or design. They can run their own business or work as freelance furniture designers, restorers; initiate and participate in the interdisciplinary, business, educational and creative projects. Graduates can continue their further MA studies. They can take internships of antique furniture restoration.

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