Vilnius Academy of Art is the only higher education institution preparing architects in western Lithuania. Architecture studies in Klaipeda department started in 2013. Klaipeda department of Vilnius Academy of Arts became the third  subunit of Academy, where this program take a place. This led for specialised architecture studies in Klaipeda.

Study specifics

Unlike Vilnius and Kaunas departments, architectural studies in Klaipeda are specifically oriented to the preparation of architect with wider urban design knowledge and skills. Exclusivity of the program is research of emphasising ratio between the building and urban space and structure.

Study process

Much attention is paid to the integration of additional theoretical study subjects into the main design subject. Workshops are regularly held together with visiting staff and students form other architecture schools. The priority to physical modelling is given during the study process.

Staff and subjects

Architecture, urbanism theory, history, engineering and technology, social and human subjects are linked with the main design disciplines. Programme staff are made up of young practitioners and experienced architects form this institution and visiting scholars and professionals.