MA study programme of Painting

The main goal of painting study programme of the second study cycle is to prepare a professional, highly qualified artist who is able to create independently and creatively, formulate and ingeniously implement a creative project of any scale, who is capable of initiating it, supervising  and comprehensively applying knowledge of interdisciplinary expression and technical skills gained in the first study cycle, initiating and executing extensive artistic research, as well as having professional and humanitarian knowledge and skills sufficient to create and compete in contemporary  international artistic environment.

Graduates will have mastered their skills to continue studies on their own as well as in the third cycle of studies. They are able to practically and successfully work in their field, creatively develop painting skills, do curatorial, pedagogical and expert job. Graduates have sufficient competences to participate in projects of interdisciplinary arts, artistic research in international medium. They are able to responsibly disclose professional outlook, education and knowledge in an international social environment.

Though the language of instruction is Lithuanian, but it is  possible to
follow the programme or part of it also in English and/or Russian.
Foreign applicants should contact the International Relations Office
for details.