Workshop with Thomas Castro

Graphic Design Department  is organizing a workshop  Design Heuristics  with Graphic design star Thomas Castro (The Netherlands)

Heuristic methodologies in design focus on developing the vocabulary of a project (iterations), as opposed to focusing on just on a singular form. Design versioning, if you will. In this scenario, graphic design can be seen as a set of visual, linguistic, social, philosophical, and political tools implemented to a textual or visual dataset. Therefore the same dataset can manifest itself in any format or medium the designer, or even user, sees fit, often times taking on multiple iterations. This necessitates a set of research tools which help with academic inquiry. We borrow these tools and methodologies from related fields of research (eg. forensics or anthropology) and reinvent them for our own discipline. What sets us apart from the traditional sciences is the methodology of ‘making an image’. The concept of ‘agency’ has always been important in design research, but giving that agency form is just as important. We are both thinkers and makers.