From 22nd of October Visual Communication Design master degree students will have international creative workshop “Mini project” with famous graphic designer Joost Bottema. Professor Joost Bottema is very well know figure in visual communication design field of the word. Joost Bottema works in Merz Academie in Stuttgard and takes care of strategy of visual communication design field politics and tendencies of West and Centre Europe regions.

Workshop delves into the experience, moment by moment, of creating a project. Each of the given exercises will bring students closer to what their project should both communicate and how it will be visualized. Structural patterns, both in meaning and in visible shapes, will be learned to recognize, transform and create. Design will be used to discover and define content, content will be used to define design. The result will be a blueprint of a potentially larger project. The process however can be adopted to conceptualize any other future project.