Programme for master's degree

Specific admission requirements

Undergraduate (BA) diploma.

Mode of study:

Full-time, 2 years.

THE AIM of the program is to train textile artists to be able to analyse, evaluate and interpret art phenomena and processes in a wide cultural context; to design and realise independently technological and conceptual art projects that meet contemporary criteria. 


• to identify and name artistic problems and to use methods of  scientific research;

• to link scientific research work with the practical artistic work;

• to use methods of textile art creation and techniques of practical activity;

• to initiate, plan, organize and realize personal exhibitions, group art projects (within both a subject and interdisciplinary team), to present them in a narrow professional and a wide social contexts;

• to display skills of systematic and critical thinking, evaluate contemporary problems and to implement the latest insights in the professional sphere;

• to develop a critical and self-critical attitude, to find systematic and creative solutions;

• to develops new skills and abilities of autonomous learner and professional development.

Specific aims: 

A master degree provides a textile artist with the ability:
• to recognize and identify academic issues; 
• to find and organize research material; 
• to choose theory and methodology to analyse it and make conclusions; 
• to use skills of written and oral communication; 
• to deepen knowledge independently; 
• to experiment and create unique, original, aesthetically and conceptually suggestive works of art; 
• to conceptualise his or her creative choices; 
• to develop initiative and personal responsibility.