On the 5th and 7th of June, the final theses defenses of the BA and MA degrees of the Scenography program took place!

Graduates of the scenography program exhibit in the spaces of Lithuanian theater, music and cinema, "Arka" gallery and Art Printing House!



Julia Ciurupa
The object of the bachelor thesis is the opera "The Magic Flute" (1791) by the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The exhibition includes character costume sketches and scenery models adapted for the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater (scale 1:50), an artistic installation and a fragment of a costume (scale 1:1).
Ark Gallery

Armands Ciapas
When creating the thesis, I am based on T. Mano's novel "Enchanted Mountain". Most of the action of the novel takes place in a sanatorium, which is why I chose to create this scene. The novel is melancholic, gloomy, slow. This is also reflected in my scenography, which is not defiant, it is bright but gloomy at the same time.
Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema

Gabija Kondratavičiūtė
The creative work consists of a laboratory model and props of real-size lungs grown in the laboratory - an installation. The scenography depicts a dystopian world in the near future where environmental pollution makes it impossible to survive without bioengineered organs. Visually inspired by science fiction and film-noir cinema, cyberpunk literature.
Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema

Ieva Radzevičiūtė
This project is an attempt to restore and look at the 20th century. 3 Dec. Vilnius cinema through the eyes of a child/actor. Constantly active eyes wander among the details - bright posters, coat buttons, tickets, scuffed shoes, steaming tea, the rhythm of worn tiles, the red of the chairs, the blackened lamp and the arch of the actor's eyebrows. It calms down. I invite you to enjoy the details and get to know a small part of the history of Vilnius cinemas.
Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema

Guostė Marija Ringelytė
The main goal of this work is to make sense of Kaunas modernist architecture and city culture. I am doing this by creating a movie set decoration project, based on the motifs of Vytautas Sirijas Gira's novel "Redwood Paradise". The fragment I chose is the house of Anita Raslerytė, the daughter of a wealthy Kaunas intelligentsia family.
Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema

Karilė Stankevičiūtė
I am basing my thesis on J. Harris's novel Chocolate. I concentrate on the place where the destinies of all the characters in the story intersect and develop - the chocolate shop. A place where chocolate becomes a mediator, a stimulus, a pretext to enter, talk, remember, give in to charms or disperse them. Considering the 20th century Ave. architecture, aesthetics, fashion, I create a visual concept for the interior, exterior and costumes of the main characters of the chocolate shop.
Museum of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema

Karolina Klimavičiūtė
The installation explores the limits of scenography art based on the motifs of Franco Kafka's short story "Jackals and Arabs". Based on Kafka's literary logic, the work sought to express the intersection of the rational and irrational world, to show the trapped state of the Jackal's character, to reveal the duality of the call to which no one answers - a morally uncomfortable request for help that calls for killing.
Ark Gallery


Arvydas Gudas
The thesis includes the concept of cooperation between the theater scenographer and dialogues with co-creators. The aim of the artistic research is to analyze, based on three different performances, with the help of material documented during their production processes (diary type personal notes and sketches), the different dialogues between the scenographer and colleagues working and creating in the performances, to compare them and to determine their influence on the scenographer's attitude and relationship to creative processes of productions.
Art printing house