Graphic Art (LT, EN)

Rūta Spelskytė-Liberienė

Photograph by Dovilė Dagienė

It took me years investigating failures of a dialogue, misunderstandings, traveling, visiting places where battles, terror attacks, and tortures took place. I was usually late, the bomb craters were lakes already.
I turned to meadows, plants, forests, animals. I tried to learn their language. There were days of me - a scientist and days of me alongside shamans, yogi, and martial arts teachers trying to become a wolf, a crane, a dog, a dead bug. Trying to feel. To switch me off.
I find pleasure in quantum physics, parallel worlds, and time travel. I can't stop meditating the thought of an existing dimension that is unreachable for a human's mind. The interconnection of chaos. I can hardly stop myself from mentioning K.Barad, Q.Meillassoux, and W.Heisenberg. The intraaction, extra science fiction, and the uncertainty principle...
The thought of knowing. And the impossibility of it. 

I feel a peculiar pleasure in being a lecturer. Searching for the stories and their connections. Discussing them. Imagining that there is a need for that.

Garden Forest


detail from exhibition "Elniaragio ūsas" VAA Titanikas, 2019