Design | Graduate | Vilnius

Surname, Name Master‘s Thesis, Mentor
The theoretical part of the work, Consultant Design project, Mentor
Brundzaitė Toma Culture of eating and design;
Lect. dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė
Implements for eating;
Assoc. prof. Miglė Kibildienė
Černiauskas Darius Analysis of the requirements
for a living area adjusted
for elderly people
Lect. dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė
Design objects for elderly people;
Prof. Dr. Vytautas Kibildis
Gribojedova Olga Influence of technologies on design objects;
Lect. dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė
Application of IT in the supermarket;
Prof. Dr. Vytautas Kibildis
Milašiūtė - Juškienė Dovilė Interaction of decoration and function in furniture design;
Lect. dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė
Interaction of decoration and function in furniture design;
Prof. Tadas Baginskas
Mrazauskaitė Inga The phenomenon of light in
the context of design
 habil.dr. Antanas Andrijauskas
Design objects exploring light;
Prof. Tadas Baginskas
Rudzikaitė - Matuzonienė Živilė Design of hospitals;
Lect. dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė
Multifunctional personal object for a hospital patient;
Assoc. prof. P. Juškaitis

Giedrė Stonkutė

Old Baltic jewellery crafting techniques, forms and contemporary interpretation;
Prof.dr. A. Butrimas
A collection of jewellery;
Assoc. prof.M. Kibildienė