Design | Graduate | Vilnius

Surname, Name Master‘s Thesis, Mentor
The theoretical part of the work Design project, Mentor
Dubovičiūtė Lina Ecological House: Problems
and Solutions
Ecological house;
Prof. dr. V. Kibildis

Kerpauskaitė Milda

The meaning of Design in Recreation territories Design of a recreational environment set; J. Gerulaitis
Meištinytė Eglė “Techno“ Style in Jewellery Jewellery Set;
Prof. T. Baginskas
Šuminaitė Lina Vilnius Scenery and Image Changes in Tourist Guides

Representation design of Tourist information;
Prof. A. Klimas

Zamalytė Audronė Military subject in men’s Jewellery Decorations Set;
Assoc. prof. M. Kibildienė
Zilėnienė Kotryna UNESCO protected Heritage in Lithuania. Study of Visual Presentation Possibilities UNESCO protected Heritage in Lithuania. Project of visual presentation;
Acting prof. A. Lisauskienė